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Date: 2010-01-28

XTools : A next generation utility software for Stillink systems

XTools is a next generation utility software developed by Telesis A.S. to be used with Stillink 200, 800, and 3200 systems. Moreover, it is freeware.

Experts as well as novices may get the benefits of XTools. An easy to use and flexible toolkit allows system owners and administrators:

  • to discover Xymphony compatible Telesis equipment in the local network and edit their settings
  • to trace and capture telephony events and call control messages of selected TDM users
  • to download CMDR (Call message detail recording) records
  • to download automatic voice recordings 
  • to generate formatted CMDR reports 
  • to trace, select, view or backup CMDR database
  • to trace, select or play voice recordings

Screenshots from XTools next generation utility software

XTools some screenshots


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