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Date: 2011-06-22

Directory Assistance Call Centers connect with the Stillink

Numerous Directory Assistance Call Centers in Turkey connect to the PSTN and mobile operators with utilizing Stillink SS7 - ISDN and SS7 - VoIP Access Gateways. As of June 2011, Stillink systems installed in Directory Assistance Call Centers throught the country, are capable of managing around one million calls per day.

Advanced and flexible features of Stillink systems such as:

  • multiple SS7 linksets to connect several operators at the same time,
  • several OPCs and DPCs in the same system,
  • programmable information elements and others for different SS7 networks,
  • robust and reliable SIP access

make them an ideal choice for Directory Assistance Call Centers needing to connect all country-wide telephone operators.

Directory Assistance is a phone service mainly used for inquirying the telephone number or the address of a specific public or private entity. 


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