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Migrating to Softswitch-based Local Telephony

Photo of a village. Migrating to softswitch-based local telephony is becoming popular.


Some telecom operators may evaluate to cut all circuit-switched line services after migration of their networks to IP. In fact, most of the operators are still in need to convert circuit-based remote terminals to packet-based network due to existing and highly capable infrastructure. Consequently, migrating to softswitch-based local telephony - with maintaining the previous investments -  has a great interest. Local circuit-based telephony and IP network integration offer telecom operators the opportunity to deliver value-added services to a wide range of customers. Many operators now focus on cost-effective, easy, and fast solution for such integration.


Stillink V5.2 - VoIP Access Gateways provide V5.2 Access Network solutions for telecom operators having next generation core networks. With the interworking capability, Stillink systems enable operators to connect legacy V5.2 AN systems to their next generation networks cost-effectively and immediately.


The implemented protocol for the local telephony in Stilllink systems covers V5.2 LE (local exchange) protocol and supports both analog telephone access (PSTN) and Basic Rate ISDN access. For the IP network or softswitch side, both H.323 and SIP protocols are supported.

As an option, the integrated circuit switch in Stillink systems allows local-to-local calls within the same Access Network to physically pass through itself and, therefore, avoids consuming resources of the telecom operators equipment. Locally generated call progress tones, voiceband data transmission tones like Caller ID to the access network, DTMF reception and generation provide additional savings in resources.

Either a single or multiple SIP user agents or H.323 endpoints within the Stillink can be defined to carry the traffic to the softswitch. Furthermore, multiple softswitches can be used for redundancy.

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Stillink V5.2 - VoIP Access Gateway connects V5.2 AN with the IP network

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