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Large Capacity IP PBX for Enterprises

Photo. Stillink systems are perfect IP PBX systems too.


In many enterprises, private brach exchanges still predominantly contain analog or digital telephony users or subscribers. However, many operators consider to replace all their analog and digital telephony users with IP users too.  Furthermore, these enterprises might like to keep their existing E1 TDM trunking in this migration. Enterprises now focus on which platforms to use.


Stillink systems are unique in many respects. One is that they are not only VoIP Access Gateways but also perfect IP PBX systems. Stillink systems have been designed and manufactured by Telesis A.S., who is a leading-edge provider of solutions for TDM Telephony (like Central Office, Rural, Tandem, Signaling Converter, ISDN PBX) and IP Telephony (like IP PBX, IP Phone, VoIP Gateway) applications.


Stillink IP PBX systems integrate both packet and circuit switching technology. A Stillink featuring:

  • integrated gatekeeper for H.323 users
  • registrar/proxy/server  for SIP users
  • Telesis proprietary xSIP protocol support for Telesis IP phones
  • API - application program interface
  • hundreds of user services
  • IP and E1 trunking to connect Telephony Operators
  • numerous E1 TDM signaling protocol support
  • advanced alternate routing capability
  • advanced billing and reporting capability

provides an economical way for enterprises to manage their subscribers and trunks without the expense of a separate-box solutions.

Stillink systems are Stored-Program-Controlled (SPC) systems. Their leading-edge operational software, Xymphony, has been developed by Telesis A.S. Among the many aspects of Xymphony is its advanced algorithm for creating routing tables and enabling user services. With many programmable features, Xymphony makes the traffic management highly efficient and versatile. The convenience of dealing with all-in-one standard software allows the enterprise to support as many features as desired, up to the maximum capacity: thus, an enterprise`s subscriber capacity can grow without necessarily updating the software.

Thanks to the interworking capabilities within the Stillink systems, both H.323 and SIP protocols coexist on the same system too. SIP and H.323 calls may originate and terminate in the same system. Stillink systems allow calls from SIP based devices to be routed to H.323 based devices and vice versa.

xSIP (eXtended SIP) protocol supports in Stillink systems makes some value-added services in Xymphony to be applicable for VoIP calls too. Beyond the comfort and availability of value-added services, xSIP also allows secure communication with utilizing AES-256 media encryption.

Telesis proprietary Xymphony-API server in Stillink systems performs various telephony tasks such as dialing, call transfer, call park, call retrieve, conference, conversation recording, and display of port status.

Stillink large capacity enterprise IP PBX

Stillink as an IP PBX supports up to 30,000 users and 32 E1 interfaces


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