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High Density

 CAS - SS7 Signaling Converters

Stillink, SS7, CAS image.

Stillink 3200 CAS - SS7 Signaling Converter 

An illustration for CAS - SS7 conversion with the Stillink 3200.

The Stillink 3200 is for organizations and telecom operators needing high density CAS to SS7, and vice versa, signaling converters. The Stillink 3200 has a modular structure. The installation of the system or expanding an already operating one is simple and fast. At its maximum capacity, it is equipped with 32 E1 interfaces. For full E1 span protocol conversion, 16 interfaces are with SS7 signaling and other 16 interfaces are with CAS signaling support. Click here for the Stillink 3200 Ordering Codes - Wizard.


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