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SIP - Session Initiation Protocol

SIP and Stillink image.


Stillink systems support RFC 3261 SIP: Session Initiation Protocol.


  • Integrated SIP registrar/proxy/server
  • Numerous SIP users (entities) which can be user agents or registrars/proxies/servers
  • Registering to multiple SIP registrars/proxies/servers at the same time
  • Automatic fall back to the TDM if the IP network is unaccessible
  • Well-known audio codecs featuring audio compression as well
  • Advanced echo canceler
  • Advanced call routing

Stillink with the integrated SIP registrar/proxy/server.

The integrated SIP registrar/proxy/server may serve to numerous SIP user agents


Stillink registering to multiple SIP registrars/proxies/servers.

Capability of registering to multiple SIP registrars/proxies/servers at the same time provides multipath VoIP access


Stillink and SIP entities.

SIP entities may be user agents and registrars/proxies/servers at the same time

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