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H.323 Umbrella Protocol

H.323 and Stillink image.


Stillink systems support H.323 protocol.

The applied standards are H.225.0 (07/2003) version 5, H.235 (05/2003) version 3, H.245 (07/2003) version 12, H.450 (09/1997),  AES FIPS PUB 197.


  • Integrated H.323 gatekeeper
  • Numerous H.323 users (entities) which can be terminals, gatekeepers or gateways
  • Registering to multiple H.323 gatekeepers at the same time
  • Automatic fall back to the TDM if the IP network is unaccessible
  • Well-known audio codecs featuring audio compression as well
  • Advanced echo canceler
  • Advanced call routing

Stillink with the integrated H.323 gatekeeper.

The integrated H.323 gatekeeper may serve to numerous H.323 users


Stillink registering to multiple H.323 gatekeepers.

Capability of registering to multiple H.323 gatekeepers at the same time provides multipath VoIP access


Stillink and H.323 entities.

H.323 entities may be terminals, gatekeepers, gateways at the same time

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