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ISDN, SS7, V5.2 , CAS, VoIP Gateway and Signaling Converters  

Physical Layer

Stillink and E1 image.

The physical layer for TDM access on the Stillink systems is 2.048 Mbit E1. These digital interfaces can connect to 120 ohm balanced terminations. The clock of a Stillink system can be programmed to synchronize with any of the E1 interfaces that may be present in the system or it may run freely. The line code is programmable as AMI or HDB3. Cyclic redundancy check (CRC4) can be enabled or disabled for each E1 interface individually. The direction of each channel of every E1 present in the system can be programmed as incoming, outgoing, bothway, or unavailable and therefore may yield fractional E1 connections.


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