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ISDN, SS7, V5.2 , CAS, VoIP Gateway and Signaling Converters  

Software and Management

Stillink and web based management.

Stillink systems are managed over IP. System programming and updating the Xymphony operating firmware can easily be managed either on site or remotely, through a web browser connection to web server integrated into the system.

System managers can interface with the Stillink to determine the system`s overall status, to program the system, to collect records, etc. All system management operations are performed without interrupting the functions of the system.

Xymphony within the Stillink system is modular and well structured and is developed by a high level language. Xymphony allows:

  • Realtime event monitoring and protocol analysis,
  • Traffic measurement including collecting detailed call-data records.

Stillink systems have no hardware parts that require periodic maintenance.

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