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Operating Firmware

Xymphony, operational software for Telesis products.

The leading-edge operational software or firmware, Xymphony, has been developed by Telesis A.S. specifically for the Stillink systems.

Among the many aspects of Xymphony is its advanced algorithm for creating routing tables, complete with options for IP to TDM call routing and TDM signaling conversion.

With its many programmable features, Xymphony makes traffic management highly efficient and versatile for both IP and TDM network. 

The entire configuration of the operating system, including all defined or default settings and operational software, is stored in the non-volatile memories.

Stillink systems have an integrated web server. Consequently, they are programmed and managed with any web browser. Furthermore, a freeware utility XTools provides an advanced and detailed monitoring that facilitates trouble-shooting.

All system-management operations are performed without interrupting the functions of the system, these are:

  • E1 and Ethernet interface administration
  • Routing administration
  • TDM signaling administration
  • VoIP parameter administration
  • H.323 gatekeeper administration
  • SIP registrar administration 
  • Call-charging administration
  • Detailed monitoring of TDM signaling
  • Traffic measurement, including collecting detailed call-data records for both IP to TDM call routing and TDM signaling conversion

Upgrading the Xymphony in the field is accomplished simply by downloading a new version of it directly onto the Stillink`s solid state disc over IP without interruption to any of the system`s services.

Freeware XTools Utility can be downloaded from:

 Telesis Download Center

For Xymphony upgrade, Stillink customers may send us an email.


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