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Our Mission

Robust, Reliable and Stable products.

Our mission is to bring robust, reliable and stable TDM and IP Telephony solutions to small, medium, and large business at affordable prices. We know that providing cost effective solutions does not mean any compromise in product quality. We also know that product quality means more for VoIP services. We aim to surpass our customers` expectations and become their trusted solution provider for their VoIP access and Business Phone System needs. So that, we design and manufacture Telesis PX24 Hybrid IP PBX Business Phone Systems , X1 TDM - IP Telephony Switching Systems, and Stillink Combined VoIP Gateway and Signaling Converters vigorously to provide ideal solutions.

As we look to the future, our goals will remain what they have always been: to expand our product range and increase our customers` satisfaction with Robust, Reliable and Stable products. 


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