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Happy Stillink customers.

We will be glad to hear your stories/experiences with Stillink systems in your applications. If you wish to share with us and other Stillink users your stories/experiences, please e-mail us at

Ph Joubard from Duons MCO, FRANCE says:

`Interfacing our V5.2 SWING system to SS7 public switch network was quite easy & cheap with STILLINK 200 access system : V5.2 interface validation was quick due to efficient remote support and customer didn’t find any issue on the SS7 side;

Today, we plan to integrate the STILLINK 3200 as VoIP gateway to keep our SWING system up and running in NGN environment.`

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Adil Sassa from Ingenico S.A., FRANCE says:

`Our Telecom R&D were looking for a ISDN E1 R2 simulator to develop this feature on our communication controller. We found Telesis on the Internet.

Sales contact and availability were very fine. Installation was quite easy and Telesis support was very helpful and efficient.

Thanks to Telesis, we are now able to propose MFCR2 signalling to our customers.`

Sahrul Anuar from RITES Sdn Bhd, MALAYSIA says:

`As a Wireless Local Loop vendor, we were having difficulty to interface with some PABXs before. With the introduction of Stillink 200 making ISDN to CAS E&M signaling conversion, we have connected these PBXs successfully.

It was our first time with Stillink 200 and we have found that Port monitoring, Xphone software, SIP functionality were really useful during fine tuning and diagnosis while making interfacing operational.

Even though we have used this product for the first time, online support and support team have been very competent and experienced to handle any situation to make our integration studies succesful.

Many thanks. `

Erik Inasaridze from STCPlus, GEORGIA says:

`We were seeking for solution to connect big IP contact center to local PSTN and GSM operators in Georgia. We decided to use Stillink 800 converters to convert 8 SS7 E1s into EuroISDN. We tested them and everything worked fine.

Stillink converters are very easy to install and maintain. We made configurations in several minutes and there was very fast and high quality post sales support from local representative.

After several months of operation we did not see any technical issues and service interruptions.

We highly recommend to use Stillink products in complex telephony solutions.`

Vincent Dal from Siemens, BELGIUM says:

`For a project in IRAQ, we needed our HiPath 4000 systems to be connected over v5.2. After searching the market for a very long time, we found the Stillink converters. We tested them, and it worked fine.

More important than the fact it worked fine, was the fact it is about the easiest equipment to commission I have ever seen. Take it out of the box, plug it in, follow the manual for configuration and done!

Although not required for this project, our testing showed that the stillink converters also allow a huge adaptation to the device connected to it. This might show usefulness in the future. `

Thomas Grillmeier from AlpTelco, GERMANY says:

`Dear All

As Wireless Local Loop vendor, we connected successfully the first Stillink 200 in Bolivia. The First Converter from ISDN PRI to V5.2(LE).

The converter works fine and stable, even the Interoperability is done well.
Especially in A- & B-Number changes, the Stillink is perfect. Many options to modify the things.

After we understood the Software structure (routing table,Laws), the config is done and fast.
Unfortunately, the documentation is less. It would be useful to have exact examples on the Webpage.
Also it would be fine, if a customer can download a config example from the Stillink Web-page. So we download the config and modify based on our project. (Copy & paste...)

The integrated Analyzer - Monitor is very, very useful and save money for additional measurement equipment.

But very important was the well and fast online support from Stillink.
Many thanks again.

Best regards

S.V. Turin from Penza-Telecom, RUSSIA says:

`JSC Penzenskie telecommunicatsii (Penza-Telecom) is  a local and regional PSTN operator, internet service provider and additional service provider (cable tv,voip etc.). Penza-Telecom covers the telecom market of Penza region in Russia.

We have tested Stillink 200 to see if it would fulfil our requirements to build up a VoIP based network to connect remote subscribers to the central office exchange.

Main task was to perform tests for full compatibility of its SS7 ISUP protocol implementation with Ericsson AXE-10 switch and its SIP/H.323 protocol with third party VoIP gateways.

Performed tests lead us to declare that:

  • The Stillink 200 is fully compatible with Ericsson AXE in scope of SS7 and V5.2 protocols
  • The Stillink 200 is fully compatible with third party VoIP gateways in scope of SIP and H.323 implementation
  • The Stillink 200 supports numbering plan of our local and regional PSTN

As a result, we did our decision to build a subscriber segment (of 2,500 subscriber capacity) based on SIP/H.323 gateways with using convergent TDM-TCP/IP environment and implemented it with the Stillink 200.`



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